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SARA QUIN – vocals, guitar, keyboards

"We’re basically the indie Beyoncé.”

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I met them yesterday at their private show in Charleston and they're just as nice and sweet as you'd expect! I think they're pretty good at calming down even the most nervous people by being disarmingly charming. And anyone who meets them will love the more, not less, afterwards!

That’s amazing to hear! 

I have a meet and greet ticket. Have you ever met them in person? I'm afraid that I might not like them as much up close. I want to like them and not be disappointed. If you have met them, what are they like in the meet and greets. Thanks!

Both Megan and I haven’t met them unfortunately

But I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about them. I heard they are so nice and welcoming. They will take like any pic that you want. They give nice hugs, etc.

I think you’ll love them. I mean everyone is nervous to meet their idols or favorite musicians. You just got to remember that they are people too. I know its hard but if you get that in your head, you won’t be as nervous.  

I hope that helped! 

I hope you have a great time meeting them! 


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Anonymous asked:
Tell me the things you love about Sara :)


I love that she can be that sweet little cupcake…

and then…


Sara Quin loves her feet.

who doesnt though


Sara Quin loves her feet.

who doesnt though

Anonymous asked:
have you guys heard anything about a new album after Hearthrob?

Heartthrob just came out in January so I don’t think they are planning on a new album any time soon!  

- Amanda

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